Sumtel – russian telecommunication company, serves clients since 2005 in 11 cities of Russia

Research, ux/ui design, development
March 2018 Bechance

Our new project is the website for the federal operator Sumtel. The company operates on a franchise model and serves more than 300 000 subscribers in 11 cities of Russia. Digital TV, Internet, IP-telephony for private and corporate customers.


A new website should be convenient and — most importantly! — a useful tool for customers. After the analytics phase, we decided to restructure the existing site completely and change its design. And (most importantly!) add the useful "features" and services to the customers. So first things first.

We have done all the content based on the geolocation.

At the filling stage our content managers had to work hard, they put almost 3500 items of content for different regions! But the users' convenience is worth it.

One of the most frequent scenarios on the website is to find information on rates.

We have developed a convenient selection system of rates.

A user ticks the services and settings of interest, and the website selects the best offers.

The rate is chosen, the decision is made, you need to activate the service.

The user checks whether the home is connected to the Sumtel network, gets a repairman, pays for the service,one can do all of these is on the website with easy and convenient services.

We know that modern users often change their place of residence

A service "Move" have been developed for them, a simple form that will help to keep a personal account and quickly get connected to the new house.

For regular customers Sumtel has a personal office.

The most common scenario is to know the status of account —was implemented in two ways: through personal account and through a special service.

When you use the home Internet Sumtel-service specifies the subscriber's IP and shows the balance on the account without authorization in the personal office.

Thanks to all the solutions the website turned out user- friendly, convenient and useful.