Assistant Ray

Assistant Ray
The Fund for Assistance to Homeless Animals "Ray" was established in Moscow on the basis of the volunteer animal protection movement, which dates back to 2012.
The Fund for Assistance to Homeless Animals "Ray"
Planning, design and development of the mobile applications for Android and iOS
React Native
Launch date
September 2017

There are more than 15,000 dogs and cats in the shelters for homeless animals in Moscow and the Moscow region. Those animals can not take care of themselves. A lot of benevolent people help them and the Fund for Assistance to Homeless Animals "Ray", for which we developed a special application - "Assistant Ray." Using it on an interactive map of Moscow and the Moscow region, you can find out about the needs of shelters, choose a task according to your capabilities, and liking.

The aim of the application

  • To collect all the information about the needs of shelters in Moscow and the Moscow region in just one place
  • Develop a convenient task search system for future and current volunteers
Screen App


We love such kind projects and we did our best to create a good product.

Ksenia Langueva
Ksenia Langueva Analyst and designer

During the first stage of the work, we identified and described the target groups of users and their needs, analyzed solutions in similar subjects. The results of the analytics formed the basis of the prototype, terms of reference and design concept. Our main goal was to give volunteers an understandable and convenient tool for helping homeless animals. Therefore, when designing the application, we created the simplest navigation of the main sections of the application: "Map", "User profile", "User rating". We also offered to work with the application without registration to attract a larger audience: every person who downloaded the application will immediately see where and who needs help.

Interactive map of shelters in Moscow and Moscow region

We have put all the known shelters on the map and marked the places with icons that show what animals live in them and what they need.

The map shows the nearest vet clinics and pet stores. For the convenience of our users, we also created the function that shows you the directions to the desired address.

The tasks are usually simple: to help transport animals, feed, and provide medicines, to take a walk with the dogs in shelters, to spread the information about the animals that need a new home in the social networks.

Map Map
Ray icon 6
Ray icon 1
Ray icon 3
Ray icon 7
Ray icon 8
Ray icon 9
Ray icon 10
Ray icon 11
Ray icon 2
Ray icon 12
Ray icon 13
Ray icon 5
Ray icon 4
Ray icon 2
Ray icon 1

Veterinarians and pet stores with boxes of the "Ray" fund for collecting donations

Ray icon 2

Search for volunteers to help with the event

Ray icon 3

Collection points for shelters

Ray icon 4

Offer to take a walk with a dog in the shelter

Ray icon 5

Please send something to the shelter

Iphone X
Registration and Authorization Task list Performance of tasks and rating Feedback

and Authorization

Register and log in to the application using the most popular social networks: Instagram, Facebook, VKontakte, Classmates. Or log in without registration to get acquainted with the application and find out who needs help.

Task list

After the registration, the application will request your current location and it will offer to select all the necessary filters to immediately configure the list of tasks according to preferences and capabilities. For example, it will show only instructions for volunteers without motor vehicles or only those where it is necessary to help cats only.

Performance of tasks
and rating

The user can ask for any additional information in the comments. To a closed task, you can attach a photo report. Based on the number of completed tasks, the application calculates the volunteers’ rating.


In his profile the user can find a section where he can send a message directly to the organizers of the project - The Fund for Assistance to Homeless Animals "Ray"

The results
>3 500
active users
is an average score

All these indicators are achieved without an advertising campaign. Let's see what will happen after its launch.

The representatives of the fund "Ray"

If you live in Moscow or the Moscow region, join the assistants of the fund "Ray"