One of the biggest shippers in Russia specializing in handling assorted cargo.
Shipping Company PEK
UX/UI design, development, integration with internal corporate systems, support
August 2015

PEK shipping company is widely known among shippers for its shortest possible time of delivery, a ramified network of subsidiaries, high level of service, and reasonable prices. The company dates back to 2001. At present, the geography of shipments covers all Russia and Kazakhstan. The company uses trucks and aircraft. In 2014, it started handling freight from China.

The company services 100,000 towns and villages.

The goal is to create a simple and friendly resource for corporate and private customers.

To determine the key project parameters, we analyzed the information we had received from our clients, including the information from the website counters.
  • target audience characteristics
  • most sought after website units and servers
  • applications and browsers used to access the website
  • use cases - successful or unsuccessful passage
We examined the structure and site navigation, the home page and key internal pages, tested the web-form usage for convenience, business rivals’ websites, adopting solutions and good services.

The results of the analysis helped us prepare a website prototype.

We divided our users into two categories: corporate and private clients. We designed the website structure in such a way so that a representative of a segment can solve their task quickly and easily. We made our main menu carry the most popular sections. On Home Page, a client can calculate the cost of cargo delivery and track the shipment. These are the most popular services among clients of “PEK”.

The website uses services API integrated with the company’s internal systems displaying shipping request, calculator, shipment tracking.

The specifics of operation of our internal system of automated service of clients induced us to create new services on the basis of the old ones. It made the problem more complicated. Detailed documentation on coordination of the internal corporate system and website services was not available. Our experts relied mostly on their conjecture and documentation was created from scratch. To adjust the system, we developed over 30 basic test cases.

Denis Ezhkov
The calculator and the shipment request program had to be altered. The request form-more than 3,000 encoded elements - represents a separate component. AJAX queries are always used in the request form and the calculator, which lowers the server load when page 1 is downloaded. To avoid errors at the stage of filling out forms a complex client validation procedure is used.
Denis Ezhkov
My account
Registering now takes seconds and does not require additional agreements. Registered clients can access their query history and use queries as samples.
E-commerce Solutions
PEK does business with many online stores which place shipping calculators on their websites. We came up with stylized iframe calculators which can be easily added to any websites.
API for corporate clients
We develop API for corporate clients to integrate a fully functional account with their own information system. Automatically, it shows the shipment status, helps write requests, gets a cargo list for a required period.
HR department website
PEK employs 8,000 people and actively promotes its HP brand and corporate values. To recruit more staffers and work with applicants we set up a separate website about career opportunities and corporate culture.
Denis Ezhkov
Developing a mobile version we used VUE.js framework which generates the needed markup from templates on the fly depending on the condition of the form. The layout used HTML5/CSS3. Resources are processed and contracted with the help of gulp.
Denis Ezhkov