Nuart TV

Nuart TV
International pay TV channel. It airs unique works by best photographers, directors, cameramen employing the Nude genre.
Plumrose Enterprises Limited
research, ux/ui design, development
February 2017

Nuart concept - sensuality as art. It is style, taste, esthetics. The channel offers the best choice of clips featuring beautiful models. Master classes given by best photographers working in the Nude genre are regular features. Documentaries, backstage photo shoots, and musical videos are also common. Stories of women’s body in art, design and fashion attract large audiences. The content is available in pay TV packets and by subscription.

  • Content consistency with the channel
  • Rise in subscribers
  • Art products sales
  • Bringing in new models and authors
The primary goal is a rise in the number of pay subscriptions to videos and art products sales.
We have identified the main problems of the existing website which stand in the way of achieving the goals and started addressing them.
New arrivals stay on the website less time than it takes to watch a clip.
An exhaustive analysis and interaction with a focus group confirmed our conjecture - first-time visitors rated our website as something different, and not finding the needed content, left it.
We came up with a new design concept. It meets the standards of the channel and can get the message across.
Konstantin Sokolov

The website is primarily for watching videos and viewing photos, so we first thought of creating two themes for the website: daytime and nighttime. After all, the content is specific, and it needs a nice qualitative soft-sell. We had to give up the initial glossy magazine format which is uncharacteristic of website topography and manifold modular grid - the website has a large following and it must be as convenient and easy-to-use as, say, YouTube or Vimeo.

Looking up to global players for inspiration trying to find solutions to the structure, logic, mechanics, we made our content look modern, emphasizing the esthetics and harmony of a large number of media content, which is now easy to navigate. Needless to say, every designer working on the project was in love with it.🍓

There are many users who register and even log in online, but the number of pay subscribers is low.
Not everybody is prepared to pay for the content. Even fewer people do it immediately after registration. We should let them have some time while we get them interested, so that they feel the atmosphere. We suggested a three-stage communication process.
01 Getting Acquainted

On Home Page, we placed a slider featuring free clips. We provided the users with an opportunity to vote for the video they liked. We also told them about the subscription terms and subscription advantages. Our previous version of the website did not offer that.

Now users can subscribe right on Home Page. You can also register in your account. We made it easier to use. Following that you can browse the website.

02 Involvement

We made navigation easier, revamping the website structure and creating a logical main menu. All video content is now placed in one section and has convenient filters.

For each video we included information about the model and video creator. Links to corresponding subsections are provided. We added blocks with recommended videos and other works of the author and the model. Users can comment on clips now.

03 Immersion

The section “Models” has a convenient name and nickname search. For each model information is given including the number of photos and videos, so that users can quickly assess the available materials.

The section containing information about authors works the same way. To sell brand company calendars and prints we came up with a new section called “Store”. To make a purchase, a registered user just has to fill out a simple form and pay for the order.

Low video download speed and difficulties with accepting online payments.
These two technical hitches lowered down behavioral indicators and conversion on the old website. The first aspect was partly connected with hosting and partly with the solution chosen to watch video. The client was even ready to create a new video player. We offered a different solution.
A huge number of elements load into the video catalog at once. This is rather a big amount of traffic-about 25 MB, which slows down the page load. The new website uses a delayed image loading. Pictures that are seen in the browser are the first to load. The others arrive as the page is browsed. This allows users to lower the downloaded traffic 17 times over, up to 1.4 MB and increase the catalog load speed.
We utilized a convenient system of pay subscription to access the catalog. First of, we found a pay system for adult content. Now a user can pay for their subscription with a plastic card. Secondly, we integrated the pay system with Vimeo service. It undertakes all aspects of user verification and content distribution. Such a solution fully met the client’s requirements, spared them from having to develop their own player, and enabled them to save lots of resources.
Denis Ezhkov
Lack of information and services for authors and models.
We took into account the channel’s interest in working with new photos, operators, and models. The website introduced a page describing cooperation terms. Moreover, we created two new types of “My account” - for models and authors.
The registration page
Personal data and profile
Photo and video gallery
The registration page in “My account” is standard for all. It offers an option to choose a profile: user, model, an author.
Personal data and profile
Blog. Creating and administering a blog is yet another opportunity of “My account” for models and authors.
Messages. Models and authors can exchange personal messages with one another and with website administrators.
Photo and video gallery. Authors and models can add and edit their content in "their account". After management it will appear on the website.