Your hour: A service that brings together people in need, charities, social services and volunteers.

Your Hour

A service that brings together people in need, charities, social services and volunteers. And helps to do good deeds.

“Your Hour”
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January 2017

Each person has at least one hour, which he can spend on a good cause. But often people do not know where and who needs help. You can choose a feasible task and bring someone benefit and joy in the application "Your hour". The main idea of ​​the application "Your Hour" is that every indifferent person can choose any charitable task from the offered list and do a good thing and help people in need personally. In the application, assignments are not material and do not require financial commitments, this is the help that is not worth the money, or even cannot be bought for any price: to help to get to a health facility, clean the snow in front of the house, just to have a heart-to-heart talk.


  • To bring volunteers and those in need of assistance together in one place.
  • To develop a convenient system for setting and finding tasks.


The fastest way to bring all together in one place is to create this place.

That is why we started developing the application “Your Hour”. To begin with, we divided the audience of the application into target groups: volunteers, people who need help, partners - charitable organizations and social services.Representatives of each target group can register in the application by themselves. When registering, the full details of the user are indicated: last name, first name, phone number, email address. This is necessary to verify the identity of each user to ensure the safety of the project participants.

Each role has its own set of features.

of tasks

People in need, representatives of social services and charitable foundations can put their task through their personal account. It will be tested and then published in the list for volunteers. In the application they can also communicate with responding volunteers and answer their questions on the task.


Volunteers can filter the list of tasks based on their capabilities and location, and choose what is feasible. You can perform the task yourself or invite assistants, other users of the application. While preparing for the task, you can write comments, coordinate and discuss joint actions. The application will automatically remind each participant of the start time of the selected task.

Volunteer’s profile

The profile of each volunteer displays all the completed tasks. Each volunteer gets his own portfolio with good deeds. And for a certain task, a volunteer can earn a special badge. All the collected badges can be seen under the photo of the volunteer. There is also a rating of users by the number of "good hours" and collected badges in the application.

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Aleksey Klushin
Aleksey Klushin Project manager

One of the most important requirements for such a service as "Your hour" is the safety of all participants. In the application itself, not all information about users is displayed, only general information. Volunteers are tested, after that they are given data about one who needs help. The same check is carried out for users who applied for help.

The application is targeted at users from Russia, the pilot launch took place in Ulyanovsk. Recently the project has begun work in Moscow and Izhevsk.

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Give your time to those who need help and participation!